Uncomfortable Cigarettes formed in 2006 from the ashes of Gluck, a rock/grunge band that was active in the area of La Spezia, Italy, since the mid '90s and hit the top of its visibility in 1999, when played as opening act for the band At The Drive In in Italy.

Through a number of changes in the line up, the new band Uncomfortable Cigarettes evolved from a duo (guitar & voice + drums) into a more dynamic ensemble that was able to blend electric and distorted sounds with acoustic and melodic atmospheres.

The first album is the self-produced Sand and Fishbox (2010), followed by the newest 6-track EP The Playroom co-released by OuZeL records and Toten Schwan in July 2012, starring Fabio Magnani (voice and guitars), Michele Angelotti (bass), Mauro Costagli (drums) and Simona Motta (cello).


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Year: 2012

The Playroom
CD EP 6 tracks | jewelbox

Labels: OuZeL and Toten Schwan


Year: 2010

Sand and Fishbox
CD album 10 tracks | CD slim