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The Colours Seen From Behind is the music production of Mauro Costagli, head of OuZeL rec and drummer of Lo-fi Sucks!. Mauro writes and plays his own tunes under this pseudonym since 1999, when the tape-label CVR (ONQ, Cefodie, Burt Reynols Ensemble, Priscilla) released TCSFB's first C46 cassette containing 11 songs. A few years later the Colours shared a split-tape with Morose for the British label Bliss in 2002, and appeared on a number of compilations both in Italy (for OuZeL and Under My Bed) and abroad (Dhyana, Germany; Bliss, U.K.; Fighting Godzilla, U.S.A.), but never had a chance to play live until 2007 when, for the first time, Mauro played his songs arranged for gutar and voice only, in a small venue in Tokyo. Since then, Mauro played the songs of the Colours live both alone and with friends, exploring different types of sound - say, indierock when he played in line-ups with gutars, bass and drums, as well as more experimental setups when accompained only by a cello and a cajon.
In late 2011 Mauro recorded four songs that were co-released by OuZeL and Under My Bed recordings on December 20th, 2012, as a CD-EP entitled Take to the Ocean and Hit the Sun.

Current line-up:
Mauro Costagli - voice and guitar
Simona Motta - cello
Alessandro Zangani - bass guitar
Sebastiano Rossi - guitar
Michele Truglio - drums

Associated acts:
Sebastiano and Alessandro play also in Do Nascimiento and June Miller;
Simona Motta played the cello in the first two records of Morose, and in the most recent releases of Uncomfortable Cigarettes and June Miller.


"Seattle" live at the radio show Riserva Indie (2014):


"The Blue Formation" live @ Buridda / Genova / Italy (2012):


Live @ 12bunch / Yokohama / Japan (2011)


Listen to the whole EP and/or buy it on

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