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OuZeL and Mescaleros are proud of presenting Almost There, the new EP by the Slim River Boys, out May 14th, 2018. The EP will be released exclusively on 10h vinyl and distributed in a limited edition of 250 copies.

The Slim River Boys formed in Sarzana (La Spezia, Italy) in 2010 by a group of friends from different musical backgrounds (The Peawees, Morose e Army of Angry Youth), who shared a passion for American folk music.
While closely tied to a traditional, all-American sound in its early years, the bandfs style has evolved due to natural artistic growth and a few changes in line-up, and today it embodies the encounter between modern folk and the four current band-membersf punk background. The current line-up features:

  • Marino Chiesa: voice and banjo
  • Michele Angelotti: mandolin
  • Filippo Garilli: guitar and harmonica
  • Dario Parmigiani: double bass and backup vocals

... about Almost There:

Format: 10" vinyl

Recorded by Maurizio Dazzi at Doctor Razzix Basement, Luni (SP), Italy.
Mixed by Maurizio Dazzi and the Slim River Boys.

All tracks written and recorded by the Slim River Boys.
Cello performance in Twenty seven by Simona Motta.

photography by Jacopo Grassi and graphic design by Hervé Peroncini (Slowbeat Graphics).
Printed by the Slim River Boys with OuZeL recordings and Mescaleros rec.

Contacts and management:

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year: 2018

Almost There


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Ian Marino Peri live at Campiglia, Italy, 2017

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