Lo-fi Sucks! are back after a break of 7 years with Loud, Fast, Shut up! released by OuZeL Rec on limited-edition LP


This is the fifth album of this Italian band based in Genoa, born from the collaborative efforts of Pierpaolo Rizzo (voice, guitars, organ) and Fabio Buzzichini (bass guitar, voice). The best known album of the band is Temporary Burn Out (2002), which was followed by a long series of concerts in Italy and abroad until the Summer of 2004, when Lo-fi Sucks! suddenly disbanded after recording their new album, produced by Fabio Magistrali and with Mauro Costagli on the drums.


That album, which we believe is the best work of the band so far, was released more than seven years later by OuZeL on December 15th, 2001, in limited edition vinyl LP. A few copies are still available.

Lo-Fi Sucks - I'm an avantgarde indie
[Live @ Genova, December 15th 2011, video by Manh Luong Bui].


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Discography (albums only)

Year: 2011
Title: Loud, fast, shut up!
Label: OuZeL

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and/or listen & buy the LP

Year: 2002
Title: Temporary burn out
Label: Suiteside
Year: 1999
Title: Music for the brain
Label: Beware
Year: 1997
Title: P for Pistachio
Label: On/Off
Year: 1996
Title: Lo-fi sucks!
Label: Fottitopo

Lo-fi Sucks! at Zero Festival 2012, Lavagna